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Texas, Louisiana & Puerto Rico~

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Direct In-Home Coaching/Training session, including one-follow up call and materials needed to implement recommended strategies; please complete the form below for more information, or purchase below to schedule an session




Autism 4 Home

My journey to Everything Autism...

I began my career working as a Speech, Language Therapist in the public schools of south Louisiana. In 1998, I met my first student on the Autism Spectrum and  immediately began to search for strategies specific to Autism Spectrum Disorder. I read everything they had available at that time, and I worked closely with parents in the home environment. I quickly discovered my passion along with my purpose, and immersed myself in the Autism community.

Along with over 10 years of professional experience as a Speech Therapist, I have also obtained a Master of Psychology Specializing in Child Development, completed training as a Behavior Analyst, and obtained certification as a Sensory Enrichment therapist! I presented at the 25th Annual Texas Autism Conference, as well as the 5th World Autism Organisation Conference. I currently serve on the WAO Council Advisory Board. I provided 6-weeks of Autism Education Training in Ghana; I provide consultative services for several Autism Centers in various locations in Africa.  

I support families on a global level, providing strategies for challenging behaviors, developing strategies to increase their child's communication, as well as developing sensory activities specific to the needs of the individual child. I provide a customized plan geared towards the individual needs of the child, while incorporating tools tailored to the dynamic of each family. 

I am dedicated to working with families in the Autism Community within the surrounding areas of southeast Texas, as well as south Louisiana; however, I appreciate the availability of technology and the World Wide Web which has allowed me to support internationally-based families within the Autism community via the Internet. I am determined to share my knowledge and experience with others so that children and their families can reach their full potential.

I can help you with Everything Autism...Beyond the Label!

Everything Autism provides Autism Coaching to families in the Autism Community, as well as families living with Sensory Processing challenges. What does an Autism Coach do? ~An "Autism Coach" guides and supports families towards the implementation of individualized strategies specifically designed to facilitate success in the home. Services are provided via voice/video calls and direct in-home services are available in locations listed below. Coaching sessions are individualized to fit the needs of each child.

Autism Coaching services for parents & caregivers


~ All Coaching subscriptions include:

  • 30-45 minute voice call or video call/ (bi-weekly)
  • Customized Visual Supports (PDF format)
  • Coaching services via email correspondence (unlimited)
  • Sensory Profile & Schedule of Activities

~Grandparent/Caregiver Training includes:

  • THREE 1-hr sessions via video meeting & materials

*Grandparent/Caregiver Training - $75​

~Monthly Service - $65 (recurring)

~Three Month Service - $175

~Six Month Service - $325

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