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I began my career working as a Speech, Language Therapist in the public schools of south Louisiana. In 1998, I met my first student on the Autism Spectrum and  immediately began to search for strategies specific to Autism Spectrum Disorder. I read everything they had available at that time, and I worked closely with parents in the home environment. I quickly discovered my passion along with my purpose, and immersed myself in the Autism community.

Along with over 10 years of professional experience as a Speech Therapist, I have also obtained a Master of Psychology Specializing in Child Development, completed training as a Behavior Analyst, and obtained certification as a Sensory Enrichment therapist! I presented at the 25th Annual Texas Autism Conference, as well as the 5th World Autism Organisation Conference. I currently serve on the WAO Council Advisory Board. I provided 6-weeks of Autism Education Training in Ghana; I provide consultative services for several Autism Centers in various locations in Africa.  

I support families on a global level, providing strategies for challenging behaviors, developing strategies to increase their child's communication, as well as developing sensory activities specific to the needs of the individual child. I provide a customized plan geared towards the individual needs of the child, while incorporating tools tailored to the dynamic of each family. 

I am dedicated to working with families in the Autism Community within the surrounding areas of southeast Texas, as well as south Louisiana; however, I appreciate the availability of technology and the World Wide Web which has allowed me to support internationally-based families within the Autism community via the Internet. I am determined to share my knowledge and experience with others so that children and their families can reach their full potential.

I can help you with Everything Autism...Beyond the Label!


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About Me

Everything Autism provides Autism Coaching to families in the Autism Community, as well as families living with Sensory Processing challenges. What does an Autism Coach do? ~An "Autism Coach" guides and supports families towards the implementation of individualized strategies specifically designed to facilitate success in the home. Services are provided via voice/video calls and direct in-home services are available in locations listed below. Coaching sessions are individualized to fit the needs of each child.

Direct in-home parent consultation

is currently available by REQUEST ONLY in

Texas, Louisiana & Puerto Rico~

*If you are interested in a 90-minute 

Direct In-Home Coaching/Training session, including one-follow up call and materials needed to implement recommended strategies; please complete the form below for more information, or purchase below to schedule an session



Autism Coaching services for parents & caregivers


~ All Coaching subscriptions include:

  • 30-45 minute voice call or video call/ (bi-weekly)
  • Customized Visual Supports (PDF format)
  • Coaching services via email correspondence (unlimited)
  • Sensory Profile & Schedule of Activities

~Grandparent/Caregiver Training includes:

  • THREE 1-hr sessions via video meeting & materials

~Monthly Service - $65 (recurring)

~Three Month Service - $175

~Six Month Service - $325